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1895 Koroku Hirose founded Hirose Trading in Osaka specializing in sales of mineral oil and Shimizu-style rice hullers
廣瀬商会 精米機広告
1906 Hirose Trading started dealing byproducts (tar, pitch) of city gas production for use as road pavement materials which was produced by Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. (Now Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.)
1930 Started selling tar and pitch to Kokusan Hiryo KK
July 1931 Kansai Carbide Sales Co., Ltd. established, with Hirose Trading taking part 
Koroku Hirose II) and Takashi Ueda spin off a new business from Hirose Trading, dedicated to sales of carbide for melt-cutting
November 1937 Koroku Hirose II jointly established Sanwa Trading within the Osaka branch of Mitsui & Co., Ltd. under joint investment (capital of 3,000 yen) with Shinichi Hayashi , Takeo Yamada and Takashi Ueda. 
In 1938, the headquarters was moved to Osaka
November 1946 Started selling high pressure gases
April 1948 Sanwa Trading undertakes personnel associated with carbide companies that were closed after World warⅡ, and was reorganized as Sanwa Trading Co., Ltd.
September 1951 Established the Ogaki Branch.
July 1954 Invested to Shinwa Gas Souchi Co., Ltd.
August 1954 Started distribution of a gas cutting equipment of Tanaka Engineering Works Ltd. (Now Nissan Tanaka Corporation)
July 1959 Did capital investment to Ibigawa Acetylene Co., Ltd. (Now IBIDEN CHEMICAL Co., LTD)
September 1960 Started dealing carbon gouging rods produced by Ibigawa Denki Kogyo Co., Ltd.(Now IBIDEN CO., LTD.)
May 1965 Started On-site acetylene gas plant #1 (our system) at Hitachi Zosen Corporation Innoshima Plant.
Established the Hiroshima branch.
April 1967 Started welding material sales transferred from Osaka Sanso Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Now  Air Liquide Japan Ltd.)
April 1971 Established the Tokyo branch.
February 1973 Started dealing printed circuit boards produced by Ibigawa Electric Industry Co., Ltd. (Now IBIDEN Co., Ltd.)
August 1973 Started on-site acetylene gas plant at  Hitachi Zosen Corporation Ariake Plant; established the Ariake Branch
Hitachi Zosen Corporation Ariake Plant
July 1974 Started dealing ceramic fibers produced by Ibigawa Denki Kogyo Co., Ltd.(Now IBIDEN CO., LTD.)
October 1981 Increased capital to 50 million yen
June 1986 Moved the headquarters to 1-10 Shinmachi, Nishi-ku, Osaka
November 1986 Established Kashima blanch.
July 1991 Celebrated the 60th anniversary and name changed to SAS SANWA Co., Ltd.
November 1994 Established RENAISSANCE SAS SANWA LIMTED, Hong Kong
July 1997 Donated a replica of Terracotta Warriors(Praying for recovery from The Great Hanshin Earthquake) to the Kobe Oji Zoo and received a letter of appreciation from the mayor of Kobe.
神戸市立動物園 兵馬俑/神戸市長感謝状
March 2006 Moved the headquarters to its present location (1-4-12 Itachibori, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi)
March 2007 Moved the Tokyo Branch to its present location (5-9-10 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
June 2007 Acquired Bicycle Racks equipment business from Yokohama YK Pvt. Ltd.
November 2007 Certified ISO9001 and 14001 (JQA-QMA13435, JQA-EM5963)
March 2008 Established the Ogaki Branch at 5-7 Motoima, Ogaki-shi, Gifu.
July 2011 Established the Northern Japan Sales Office in Sendai-shi, Miyagi. 
September 2014 Established SAS SANWA India Private Limited in Gurugram, India 
Established gas tanks for ISGEC Hitachi Zosen and started supplying gases (O2, Ar, Co2)
July 2021 90th anniversary of the company's founding

* Kashima Branch & Sendai Branch are merged Tokyo Branch.

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