Bicycle Racks

Bicycle Racks

We provide a one-stop solution for everything from the design and manufacturing to the on-site installation of recyclable aluminum bicycle racks with both functionality and durability to create a comfortable bicycle parking space that is lightweight and user-friendly.
Our bicycle racks are designed to be user-friendly for women, including the use of an extrusion-based manufacturing method to give the racks uniform thickness and strength, ensuring smooth movement for our sliding bicycle racks, reducing the load during the loading/unloading of our two-tier bicycle racks, and offering models that are compatible with three-seater bicycles with a child seat mounted.
The beautiful silver color of our bicycle racks allows them to blend in harmoniously with the surroundings.
As the racks are also suited for indoor installation and make very little noise during parking, we can recommend the optimal layout for use in areas with limited space.
Our bicycle roof lineup includes the ever-green-version such as ‘e-planter,’ which adds a touch of greenery to bicycle parking lots to create a small, comforting oasis.

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