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We have 50 years of business experience to recommend the most suitable manufacturer based on the professional expertise that we have developed. We can also coordinate the entire process until the final products.
We can also assist in the procurement and quality control of overseas products.



We can handle a wide range of designs from circuit design to A/W design.
We also have extensive experience in noise analysis and high-frequency circuit design.

Printed circuit boards (PCBs)

In response to the customers’ needs, which include CEM3, FR4, Teflon, metal core substrates, as well as eco-friendly products, we collaborate with various reputable PCB manufacturers to supply single-sided, double-sided, multi-layered, aluminum, high-current, and built-up PCBs.


We specialize in the use of mounters for QFP, BGA, CSP, and small CR, as well as in manual mounting. We can also produce lots of different sizes from small to large lots.


We can carryout to various services to meet customers’ requirements, installation for both metal work and molded products, and various inspections.

PCBA maintenance/
reverse engineering

We offer support for equipment that can no longer be maintained by manufacturers by providing services centered on the maintenance, which is reverse engineering.

PCBA maintenance/reverse engineering
PCBA maintenance/reverse engineering
PCBA maintenance/reverse engineering

Supply record of maintenance

・Analysis of faulty parts
・Pattern repair
・Replacement of parts and procurement of replacement parts
・Replacement of serviceable parts
・Pattern repair

*By using board-analysis-tool, we can reproduce the existing PCBA without damaging or destroying the original PCBA.
(This is possible even in the absence of manufacturing drawings and data such as circuit design.)

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