Overseas Business

SAS SANWA India Private Limited

Address H No.440/11, GF, Ratan Garden Old Railway Road, Gurgaon-122001, Haryana, India
Managing Director Tetsuzo Hirose
Capital 23,000,000 INR
Investment ratio SAS SANWA Co., Ltd. 99.0%
Shinwa Gas Souchi Co., Ltd. 1.0%
Established September,2014

Consumer spending is expected to grow in India due to its large population, and the economic reforms are projected to spur sustained economic growth as India expands its international presence.

Our company established SAS SANWA India Private Limited in September 2014 with the aim of capturing the strong expansion in the Indian market, which is expected to experience vibrant growth moving forward.

Under our business scheme, we own the tank facilities on the factory premises of Indian users as part of our company assets while supplying high-pressure gases. We are currently expanding our import/export business in overseas markets, mainly related to India and Japan.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or requests regarding our overseas business as we can support companies that are searching for specific products, looking to sell imported/exported products, or exploring the possibility of overseas expansion.

Major product categories

Steel materials , Aluminum products , Welding materials/equipment , Insulation materials ,
Printed circuit boards , Various minerals

Steel ( Cold Rolled Coils)
Steel (Cold Rolled Coils)
Aluminum (Rolled products,Chequered plate)
Aluminum (Rolled products,Chequered plate)

Procurement of castings from India

We make our service for our customers to reduce cost by procuring high-quality castings manufactured by the Indian company.
We supply cast iron and cast steel of various grades to meet the customers’ needs.


Product Capability

Cast steel 500kg to 60ton (weight) /
8m × 8m × 4m (size)
Gray iron (FC) 300kg to 20ton (weight) /
6m × 8m × 4m (size)
Ductile cast iron (FCD) 300kg to 10ton (weight) /
6m × 8m × 4m (size)

Types of molds

In addition to regular casting using wooden, resin, cement, and metal molds, we can also use the full-mold casting method (FCM) for lowering costs and faster delivery.
We will select the most suitable mold for the customers’ needs by taking into account their budget, delivery schedule, and precision requirements in our recommendation.

Quality standards, which they have

They manufacture products with specifications that comply with international standards such as JIS, DIN, BS, and ASME.
For quality control, they conduct spectrometric tests, ultrasonic tests, magnetic particle tests, penetrant tests, X-ray tests, etc., to ensure that only products of the stable quality are delivered.

End use

Steam turbine casings, valve casings, pumps, press beds, compressor frames, soda ash casings, press rolls for papermaking, etc.

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