Through our business activities, our company proposes and provides "safe environmentally friendly products with reliable quality" in attempt to reduce the burden on the environment continuously.

Roofing for bicycle parking the “e-planta” green-roofed style

By using “e-planta”, people feel at peace in small oases.

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Quality & Environment Integrated Corporate Vision

By improving our adaptability to change, we will continue to propose and provide quality that is safe and secure, and with the principle of realizing a beautiful Earth through our business activities, our mission is to pass that baton to our future generation.

Environmental Policy

  • To work carefully with a constant awareness of the environmental impact of the products and services we provide.
  • To strive to procure materials with low environmental burden.
  • To work to constantly improve our environmental management system.
  • To comply with environmental laws and regulations in the conduct of our business activities.

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